More about the Star Awards



BRONZE AWARD                            Minimum age 12 years

Pass the Samurai “Bronze level” referee course

Timekeep at an event

Demonstrate the first three sets of  nage no kata

Demonstrate high quality uchikomi pattern with 4 throws linked

(ouchi,  taiotoshi,  left  &  right  seoinage)

Explain fully the edge of mat rules in tachiwaza and newaza.

Pass 18th mon theory.

Demonstrate a sequence of newaza with control of partner.

Adopt a beginner for 3 weeks and work with them or help regularly on beginners’ session


SILVER AWARD                               Minimum age 13 years

Record at an event (pool sheets only needed).

Demonstrate the full  Nage No Kata and one set of any other formal kata.

Qualify as a Club Level referee.

Pass 2nd  dan theory (unofficial pass but to same standard).

Demonstrate 5 practical groundwork moves at senior level to high standard.

Develop and demonstrate a multi-throw uchikomi sequence.


GOLD AWARD                              Minimum age 15 years

Answer ten questions on contest rules and competition organisation (see list).

Demonstrate the full   Gonosen No Kata (tori or uke) and the full  Katame No Kata (tori).

Qualify as an Area Referee.

Qualify as a Contest Recorder and run an event (under supervision).

Pass the 5th dan competitive theory syllabus.

Coach a 20–30-minute judo session (any level).


Double Plus Gold Platinum Ultimate Samurai Star Award

Candidates must be under 21 years of age and already hold Gold Star Award. Additional requirements:

Candidates must pass FIVE out of the six levels below:


 Maximum Ages: 1-5 star: 16 years  

Bronze and above: 20 years