Recent results - Well done! 

Results from Saturday 27 April at Samurai Judo Club

Well, done to you all for working so hard.

Wealdherd -     Silver              🥈  

Matthew -         Bronze            🥉

Carrick -           Bronze             🥉

Will -                Gold                  🥇

Archie –          Silver                 🥈

Results from Sunday 28 April at Samurai Judo Club

Izzy -        Silver                  🥈

Becky -    5th place.

Well, done to you both for working hard. 

Here are some lovely pictures taken on the day

Here is a lovely photo taken on the day.

Results from today's Orange and below comp at Worcester Jc

14 April 2024

Will -        2nd - Silver    🥈

Jake -      5th - Bronze   🥉

Izzy -       1st - Gold       🥇

Imogen - 4th retired injured.

Well, done you 4 and a big well done to those officiating.

Well done to all these guys who worked very hard in the mens kue grades

on the 23 March 2024

Daniel got a Bronze in his first competition 

Jordens first competition and he got Bronze

Josh who got Silver with 2 wins

Ross got silver with 3 wins and 1 loss and did well on his first competition

🥋British Schools 9 March 2024🥋

On the 9 and 10 March 2024 Nick got 4 wins and Will got 2 wins for Nick also came 5 and has worked so hard well done to you both.

👀Here is a lovely photo of all the officials👀

Samuria had 9 Officials. more than any other club or area 

well, done to all of you to for working so hard,

🥋Girls and Ladies Green and under🥋 

Betsey and Imogin Gold

Sophie Gold

Starting a contest

Isobel Silver

Molly Gold

Deanna Silver

🥋Girls and Ladies Green and under which was held at Samurai Judo Club🥋

 Sunday 4th March 2024

Well, done to Imogen who got a Bronze.  🥉

Well, done to Betsy for also getting a Bronze. 🥉

Well, done to Isobel for getting a Silver who has worked very hard 🥈

Well, done to Deanna for getting. a Silver who also works very hard to🥈

Well, done to Sophie for getting a Gold who has also so worked so hard. 🏅

Well, done to Mollie for getting a Gold who has been working hard to 🏅

You are all Super Stars, and we are so proud of every one-of you.


🥋Boys Green and under 🥋

Boys Gold

Nick Bronze

Will Gold

🥋Saturday 3 March 2024 competition Boys Green and under at Samurai Judo Club🥋

Well, done to Will who got a gold who has worked so hard. 🥇

Well, done to Nick to for getting a Bronze who has also worked hard. 🥉

A very good day for Team Samurai 

Well, done to Bekah for doing the first aiding.

Also well, done to Liv, Mark, Graham and Martin for refereeing and also to Matt for coaching our players.

Well, done to everyone who been involved. and for making this day happen.

🤩Thank you to Everyone. 🤩

A very big thank you to Sarah too who is always working so hard.


Recent Results 2024

Here is a picture of Jake and Silver

Here is a picture of Abby with her Bronze

A nice picture of Abby with her Gold

Here is another picture of Rachel and Abby with the Teddy bear

Recent Results 2024


Jan 21st Scottish Open

Gold           Ab Guest (juniors)

Bronze       Jake Ashen

Bronze       Ab Guest (seniors)

5th              Rachel Hall

Points: Ab 20, Rachel 10


Jan 27th Midland Area Open

Silver:      Isobel Houghton

Bronze:    Will Matthews

Bronze:    Nick Deeley (Open)

Bronze:    Nick Deeley (Schools)


Jan 1st dan:       Ellie Arnull


Feb 10th Warwick Open 

Gold        Alex Spencer

Gold         Rachel Hall

Silver:           Daley Tollerton

Bronze:        Josh Bond

Bronze:        Deanna Murphy

    5th     Harry Muir 


Feb 17th British Universities      

Gold:           Jake Ashen

Bronze:        Ab Guest  

Bronze:       Megan Skillern

       7th:       Rachel Hall, Ellie Arnul

Points: Jake 10, Rachel 10, Ab 10, Ellie 10


Scottish Open

Sunday 21 January 2024

Junior Women

Well, done to Abby who got a Gold who really did well and worked hard. we are so proud of her.

Junior men

Well, done To Jake who got his Bronze and also worked very hard to.  

Senior Women

Well, done to Abby who got a Bronze and also worked hard.

Well, done to Rachel who got her 5th place, but she also worked hard to.