More information belts and grading

Any and all cash payments (usually weekly mat fees, kit purchases or competition entry fees) should go into the black cash tin on the front table and be marked down on the sheet on the red clipboard. The information that we need is the player’s name, a brief description of what the money's for (eg comp 23/3) and the amount.

After around four weeks, you will need to take out a membership of the British Judo Association. This is an annual membership and can be done via the website:

Alternatively, you can take out membership by phone: 0121 728 6920

You will need the club’s name which is Samurai JC (please note, not just Samurai, which defaults to a club in Swansea) and the club number which is 555.

Please remember to renew your membership a year later!

There is a 3-month introductory membership available, which is fine, and a recreational membership. However, the recreational membership does not allow either gradings or competitions and so is not generally advised.

When the membership arrives, there should be a membership book and a plastic card with your details which needs to go in the front of the book.

Judo kits can be bought from the club – cheaper than in shops and better fitted – and we always have new kits in stock. Sometimes we also have second hand kits as well, which are mostly £3.


This document aims to give all the information needed by new members of the club. It is organised into sections so that people can focus on those sections which affect or interest them.

The club

Samurai Judo Club is a registered charity. All coaches, committee and volunteers are unpaid. The club belongs to the members. There is an AGM each year, usually in April or May, at which the committee chair, the independent examiner and the head coach report to the members. The committee and head coach are elected at the AGM. Members under 18 years are represented at the AGM by their parents, though those over 14 can also attend in their own right.