Star Awards

Samurai Judo Club has it's own unique star award system for junior players, where certificates can be gained for demonstrating certain skills. There are five main star awards (one to five star) followed by a bronze, silver and gold. The bronze, silver and gold are very demanding and require a wide range of skills; in fact, the club has to date only awarded six gold awards in its 40-year history (Martin Whiteside, Anthony Todhunter, Ben Newbury, Karl Gaughan, Kate Walker and Olivia Turner), so a gold award is a massive achievement. To date, only one person, Ben Newbury, has gone a stage further still to the 

Double Plus Gold Platinum Ultimate Samurai Star Award.

Assessments are done from time to time, to fit in with other teaching plans. The assessments and certificates are free.,

The syllabus is on the two subpages to this page just click on the arrow by the page name and it will open.