Events diary

22/06/2024 Dan Grading for Men and Women 

Samurai Judo Club regret to announce that the dan grading due to be held on Saturday June 22nd 2024 has had to be CANCELLED due to factors beyond our control. All online entries received to date will be automatically refunded in full. Our apologies. 

The next grading on November 16th is still going ahead. 

Samurai Judo Club

23/06/2024 Technical Officials Course                                  Entry Form

14/07/2024 **Jul 2024 Samurai Mini-Me’s Minimon**     Entry Form 

08/09/2024 British Kata Championships                                 Entry Form

12/10/2024 Rod Lane Senior Low Kyu Grades                   Entry Form 

16/11/2024 Dan Grading for Men and Women                     Entry Form

23/11/2024 Boys Green and Under                                              Entry Form

24/11/2024 Girls Green and Ladies Blue and Under      Entry Form