Samurai Judo Club welcomes new members, all ages from 6 to 76, experienced or inexperienced. If you are new to judo, below are some videos to show you a little about what it is all about, and the following pages tell you all about the sport and the club as well as info on our events.

The club is based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. (See "Find Us" page for details.)

The club has both recreational and competitive sections. Come and have a free taster session to see what it's all about.

🥋It's fun and you learn a lot even on your first week🥋

Samurai veteran player Paul Jones (blue kit) in the final of the Commonwealth Tournament 2019

Samurai youngster Mateo Allen (blue belt) in a competition at the club in 2017 (Mateo is now a black belt)

Samurai Commonwealth Youth Champion Leah Grosvenor (white belt) in the London Open final.

Samurai players Matthew Martin and Stu Lane at the British Kata Championships (held at the club) demonstrating Nage-no-kata. Kata is the demonstration form of judo, where techniques must be displayed with skill and precision.